Quality time during family road trips. Is it possible?

Quality time during family road trips. Is it possible?

A Mom recently shared with me how nice it was to be able to talk and connect with her husband during their latest road trip with their kids. She was impressed how her 7 and 8 years old children occupied themselves and left her and her husband to chat. She said her kids played Time Flies at least 20 times and left them alone! #qualitytimeforparents #kidscanplay #kidsactivities

Road trips are the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together without distractions, and dare I say, without so much screen time everyone turns into zombies. In today’s world of Ipads and Nintendo Switches it can be easy to let those be the babysitter for kids especially during road trips. But according to Mayo Clinic Health System, too much screen time is linked to:


👎Behavioral problems

👎Impaired academic performance


👎Less time for play

The Time Flies road trip game was designed to make it easy for kids to play together without screens or the adults having to do all of the work💥.

👍It’s a deck of cards in a travel proof box that fits easily in any glove box or side door and can handle Cheetos stained hands or water spills.

👍It doesn’t require any extra pieces to play. All that’s needed is your mind and body.

👍It requires at least 2 players to play. Ages 6+

👍It’s replay-able so after a winner is determined (by completing and matching 4 of a kind), you can play again and again so that all players get a chance to win and there’s no hard feelings.

👍It is a NO SCREENS game that includes sneaky education:

      💥Math problem solving

      💥Comprehension skills

      💥Kinesthetic movements (gets those wiggles out with lots of smiles)

      💥Brain breaks

      💥Dramatic play for literacy

      💥Lots of laughing=dopamine surges

      💥Creates lifelong memories that bring the players closer together without getting annoyed on a road trip! Who would’ve thought that’s possible!

As a mom of 2 kids, a road trip connoisseur, an educator, and one kid with ADHD….this game solves many problems adults/parents face on family road trips.

To grab a Time Flies road trip game, click this link and save 10%.

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