Our Story


It usually takes a month after our last adventure to get the itch.

The travel itch. 

Planning trips brings joy to my soul. Finding a great hike, a great restaurant, some crazy artifact...bring it on!

Our family loves to travel via road trips for so many reasons: 

1. Our dog, Buddy, gets to join us. He's a hiking master:)

2. We aren't tied down to flight schedules and confined spaces on airplanes. Pillows, blankets, and leg room in the car is a must.

3. We love finding hidden gems along the ride and taking random detours for the scenic views. 

4. We reconnect as a family away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

One problem we had during the long drives was finding ways to keep everyone occupied that wasn't just staring down at screens. I would print out bingo cards, license plate coloring, maps, you name it. But it didn't matter because the kids would get bored within minutes and ask the dreaded 4 word question no parent wants to hear:


“Um no honey it's only been 30 minutes. We have 10 more hours to go.” Let the whining begin😩.

Screens can definitely help on road trips, but becoming zombie-like for hours on end takes away from us enjoying family time. 

Where's the connection? Where's the fun? 

And that's when my 3rd "baby" was born.

Time Flies. It's a road trip game specifically designed for kids ages 6+ to play with or without adults.  It makes the time fly, brings a ton of fun and laughs and gets all of us off our screens and interacting with each other. 

It's a game my kids ask to play time and time again even when we aren't on a road trip. Sometimes we are stuck in traffic or heading a few hours away to visit family. 

Woohoo! Off our screens and having fun!

To find out more about the Time Flies road trip game for families, check it out here!