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Time and Connection.


A word that carries immense weight, especially in the journey of parenthood. It's a currency in constant demand – there's never enough of it. Whether we're hoping for it to pause as our children grow up too fast or urging it to speed up during challenging moments, time is a constant companion, sometimes a friend, sometimes a thief.

Our choices in how we spend time with our kids can easily slip through our fingers.

In this tech-driven world, where every notification competes for our focus, navigating the balance between our digital lives and the precious moments with our loved ones becomes an art.

As a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, discovering fun and easy ways to connect becomes paramount. They say "Time flies when you are having fun." Well let's make that happen, shall we?

Let's start with The Appreciation Game, a gem from the teachings of Abraham Hicks and championed by Gabby Bernstein, both thought leaders that go deep.

How to play: Take 1-2 minutes to switch off with each family member, expressing something you appreciate about them, and then allow them to reciprocate. Continue this back-and-forth for 1-2 minutes before moving on to the next family member. Remember- no screens. This is an offline activity for families to do together.

We recently introduced this game during a family sit-down dinner, and the results were nothing short of awesome. Despite a challenging day for my daughter, who had been in a funk, the room became light and positive during our Appreciation Game.

Within minutes, my daughter's entire demeanor shifted. The clouds of negativity dissipated as she actively engaged, smiling and even sharing laughs as we exchanged lighthearted and silly appreciations.

Try this out in your own family dynamics. And here's an extra twist to really pump up the experience: encourage each person to share what they appreciate about THEMSELVES . This added layer not only enriches the game but also empowers kids to reflect on their strengths, fostering confidence and self-appreciation.

In a world that tends to tug us in different directions, this simple yet profound practice can utilize your time together with bucket loads of connection within your family. 


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