Time Flies Family Road Trip Game

The Time Flies family road trip game saves sanity for Moms and Dads and keeps the kids busy on those long drives. 

How to play: Each player is dealt 4 cards and takes turns completing the challenges on the cards. The first player to complete 4 in their hand AND match 4-of-a-kind wins. The game is replayable and can be played 30 minutes or hours and hours. 

😂 Endless Laughter: Time Flies is packed with hilarious challenges that guarantee giggles, smiles, and unforgettable moments.

🧠 Sneaky Education: The game is more than just fun; it's secretly educational. Shhh don't tell the kids. It aligns with national education standards, promoting math skills, fine motor development, social-emotional growth, English language arts and more. Plus, it gets those bodies moving safely in any vehicle, keeping kids engaged and active. 

😍 Dopamine Surges Guaranteed: The game is designed to create dopamine surges – those feel-good moments that make kids (and parents) absolutely love every second of their road trip.

💛 A Lifetime of Memories: Road trips are more than just travel; they're opportunities to create lifelong memories. "Time Flies" ensures that every moment is filled with joy and connection and NO SCREEN FUN!