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Time Flies Road Trip Game

HEADING HOME Expansion Pack

HEADING HOME Expansion Pack

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 The Heading Home Expansion Pack includes a set of 20 additional action cards designed to bring more fun and funny while heading home from a road trip. Average of 25+ minutes per game played. 

The dealer shuffles this pack with the  Time Flies road trip game. Each player is dealt 4 cards and takes turns to complete one card at a time in an attempt to match 4-of-a-kind to win the game.


  • A pack of 20 additional action cards specifically for kids ages 6+ to bring the mood up during the drive home from a road trip.  

One of its key features is its ability to save parents' sanity by keeping kids engaged and entertained during long drives, providing a screen-free and enjoyable alternative to whining and arguments.

The pack has been developed with the input of pre-school, elementary and middle school kids along with their parents, ensuring that it's engaging and enjoyable for families.

5.25" x 3.25" x .25" foil sealed pack

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